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A gradient from blue to purple is shown represented 4 ways, shorter, longer, increasing and decreasing.
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Gradient hue interpolation

2 min read

When a gradient needs to transition from one color to the next, it takes the shortest route it can. But what if the result of that stinks?

Hue interpolation #

That's where new CSS gradient syntax from Color 4 for hue interpolation comes in. Here I specify the gradient takes the longer route:

.gradient-with-hue-interpolation-specified {
  background: linear-gradient(
    to right in hsl longer hue, 
    oklch(63% 0.3 317), 
    oklch(63% 0.2 255)

It's almost like the browser has been Zoolander this whole time, it would only turn right 😂

Here's 2 demo's that use ColorJS to help illustrate the effects of this hue interpolation choice. Aka, demo's that help the browser turn left hehe.

Blue to Purple example #

A soft intro example into the topic:

Interactive demo #

This one let's you pick the colors and number of steps:

So so many more color tools coming to the browser!

Mentions #

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