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Make some hacky noise with CSS gradients

3 min read

Here's an effect I stumbled on and thought was kinda cool. I found it by animating the size of the ring in a repeating radial gradient to 0px with @property, really slowly, and notice that when it got near 0, it started to freak out.

Then I started to wonder.

The Setup #

Here's the mask I was working with at first, a nice reasonale 5px and 5px gap radial repeating mask:

.noise {
  --lines: 4px;
  mask: repeating-radial-gradient(
    circle at center,
    0, /* transition hints make code easier to manage */
    calc(var(--lines) * 2),
    #0000 0 /* trailing 0 is part of the hard stop logic */

Still a pretty sweet effect over some text I think!

The Trick #

BUT, when you change that --lines value to something super small, it starts to distort and go into subpixel rounding stuff?

.noise {
  --lines: 0.0003px;

And boom, noise. At certain times it looks like radial noise too. Trails of its origins.

Animating it #

I already knew that @property could animate the noise because of how I stumbled upon the effect. What I didn't know yet, was what were the fun knobs I could turn?!

Kick off the gradient animation fun with an @property:

@property --lines {
  syntax: "<length>";
  inherits: false;
  initial-value: 0.00010px;

And some keyframes, subtly animating from one tiny little subpixel value to another.

@keyframes liner {
  50% {
    --lines: 0.00012px;

Link these things up for animation on our element:

@import "";

.noise {
  animation: liner var(--hour) linear infinite;

and watch the noise!

Also, observe the absolute chaos while the power of CSS handles it like a 60fps game engine.

Outro #

The levers / what you should toy with:

  1. the delta in values
  2. values themselves
  3. duration

Even try adding reasonable values, like 10px lines with a reasonable duration like .5s or var(--atom).

Mentions #

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@argyleink Great post! Also had to look into how you made the pretty headlines of your posts and noticed that `background-clip: text` can now be used everywhere, and even unprefixed since Chrome 120 – so one thing led to another and I filed an issue to update the browser compat data ????

`background-clip: text` supported in Chrome 120 by voxpelli · Pull Request #21968 · mdn/browser-compat-data
Pelle WessmanPelle Wessman

@argyleink Oh that reminds me of @css's article:

You could do some cool risograph effect with these by replacing the mask with a noise gradient on top of a standard one — results depend on the colour of course. ????

Making Static Noise From a Weird CSS Gradient Bug | CSS-Tricks
Christopher Kirk-NielsenChristopher Kirk-Nielsen

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