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Una and I on the cover of our show.

Ep #79
Popover and Dialog

Una and I are back in Season 5 of the CSS Podcast! We discuss popover and dialog, how they're different, and how to animate them.

Popover and dialog are both Baseline now 👀

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Una and Adam sitting in recording chairs smiling over an 80s backdrop with a title saying popover and dialog.

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  • Josh Tumath
  • Una Kravets
  • Gianni

@argyleink @Una

At first I thought "Popover & Dialog" was the name of the Podcast... and thought: 'that's a pretty good name for a UI Podcast "

Jose VidalJose Vidal

@jovid78 @Una you'll like the intro then hehe

Adam ArgyleAdam Argyle

@argyleink @Una audio and visual explanations of this task will be super helpful. Anxious to listen to this.

Luke DornyLuke Dorny

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