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A series of images of an avatar doing a bunch of skateboard tricks.

This felt like a future of library customization, using @layer:

/* <tool-tip> styles */
@import "tool-tip.css" layer(components.tooltip);

/* later, in some-new-context.css */
@layer components.tooltip {
  .some-new-context tool-tip {
    --_bg: var(--surface-1);
    --_shadow-alpha: 15%;

Scope the import, then append tweaks into that scope from anywhere. Safe and sound.

Rad stuff.

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@argyleink This honestly is a gamechanger what cascade layers enable 👍😊

Niklas WolfNiklas Wolf

@argyleink @a11yMel I love this, but what of the performance impact of importing CSS files?

Ollie BoermansOllie Boermans

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