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A series of images of an avatar doing a bunch of skateboard tricks.

is it time to forget about physical properties like margin-top and left?

Can't throw out the x/y transforms tho 😭

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@argyleink I've just spent a bunch of time moving over to logical properties - RTL support is so much cleaner now. Just having a shorthand for setting vertical/horizontal property pairs is worth it.

Paul MasonPaul Mason

@argyleink Wanted to write something about this for some time, thanks for the reminder :)

Notes on Using Logical Properties and Values
Roma KomarovRoma Komarov

No, why should I unlearn the old ways? I don't write websites that are translated into different languages with different reading directions.

So the new porperties are lost on me.

Nevertheless they are a great idea.

Jens GrochtdreisJens Grochtdreis

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